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    Best SEO Company in Pakistan

    Rank your business on the top of the Google SERP with our best Search Engine Optimization strategy.

    During our free SEO consultation, we’ll explain the steps that need to be taken. We will also explain about your competitor.

    Our team will collaborate with you to provide the best marketing results for your business.

    Have questions? Give us a quick call and we’ll make sure to answer them!

    We offer World Class SEO Services At small Prices

    Local SEO

    Reach out to the Local marketplace through our geo-targeted search-engine and off-page optimization services.


    Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies put on-page SEO optimization tactics and strategies on your website that helps search engines read, understand and therefore rank your website.

    SEO Audit

    Get an in complete technical SEO audit report through our SEO audit services.

    Give your business the widest audience possible

    site structure, internal and external links, long tail keywords, bounce rate, keyword difficulty – sometimes search marketing can be confusing. We can help your site rank higher in all search engine like Google and being and other top six for search queries relevant to your business. This will allow your products, services and brand to be shown to a wider audience of potential new customers.

    We keep user experience at the core of our search engine optimization techniques. Achieving consistent results over time ensures the long-term security of your positions, as well as value for your marketing spend.

    Our Best SEO Services in Pakistan and World Wide

    Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies are best SEO company in Pakistan and worldwide with over a decade of experience in delivering Award-Winning SEO Services in Pakistan and all over the world and Campaigns to clients from a diverse range of industries. We’ve consistently been voted a top SEO Services provider by industry leaders

    Business-TO-Business SEO Services

    We have developed and served business to business SEO services for our clients in Pakistan and abroad. More than 70% (B2B) find product online. if you want them to find you and not a competitor. Then you to add business to business SEO part in your marketing strategy. With Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies, a trusted B2B SEO company in Pakistan, your company can get all the benefit of SEO from lead to sale.

    Developing, launching, and managing a business-to-business SEO Strategy is not simple and easy. It not only need expertise but also a continuous investment of your time and resources. That’s way a lot of business need to B2B SEO Company, Like Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies.

    Education-SEO Services

    Every institute has a site. They maintain and develop as every person does. Now the question is. what’s a difference between your site and your competitor site. Your institute may have got many awards and positions but still not got more admissions. But your competitor got more and more admission every year. What’s reasons? people are now a hundred times think before taking an action and search on Google with these keywords like about courses which universities and colleges offering these courses. Fees structures and many more queries like best university or college in my city etc. are you show on Google SERP against these queries if not then you never got more admission. The solution to these problems is the Education Search engine Optimization services. After search engine optimization your site ranks on Google SERP and crosses your competitors. We have developed and served an SEO campaign for many universities and colleges and schools. We helped them reach new students locally nationally and globally. Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies provide a very effectively result driven Education SEO Services in Pakistan and Globally.

    Medical and Healthcare SEO Services

    Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies have a lot of experience optimizing health care SEO and medical base searches. Health care and medical searches 40% increase every year. Top of queries and keywords on the internet are related to health care and medical niche. Now it is clear digital medical services fast-growing from pharmacies, to private medical services. Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies able to create a great result for health care and medical brands. We have provide Medical and Health Care SEO Services in Pakistan and Globally

    E-commerce SEO Services

    Are you running an E-Commerce store and facing a lack of sale problems. Thousands of websites place on the internet. But only 10% of sites get 95% traffic of his niche. Because they are placed on Google first page against his relevant niche quires and keywords. Because they are work on Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rank on Google SERP. If you are not showing on the first page of Google and Not work on Search Engine Optimization or Digital Marketing of his Business then you are totally Waste your time and money. Then you need to contact an SEO company, like MHS Digitals. We have provided E-commerce SEO services in Pakistan and internationally Sale Solution with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign and PPC Campaign or a mix of both. We increase the organic relevant traffic of your site and boost your business to the next level.

    Manufacturing SEO Services

    A lot of manufacturing Businesses/Brands think that their customer base doesn’t look online for their products or services. So Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies proved Manufacturing Best SEO services in Pakistan to one manufacturing company that there was a demand online and being found was just as important for their business as an online shop.

    Our SEO strategy services

    • In depth keyword research
    • Comprehensive technical site audits
    • Analysis
    • Search opportunity analysis
    • Tailored reports
    • Optimization


    • Link building
    • Local SEO
    • Voice search

    Fantastic SEO Targets the Principles before the flash

    What is SEO?

    Search engine optimization represents the process of implementing specific practices on your website, both internally and externally...

    What is on page SEO?

    On page SEO Signifies the process of Optimizing Meta data Info, Websites, website code, and Also User Friendly Information for search engines.

    Why is it so important?

    You might have the best articles on the web to your target keywords, however, if your page SEO isn't optimized for those keywords....

    #1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company in Pakistan

    The very cost-effective way to win online customers through organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy. When done right and its mean your business move to next level when you have done this and your customers find out your product on Google or Bing on the first page and buy that you are offering. But the problem is both a business owner and marketing managers just focus on traditional marketing, not digital marketing. In 2020 you never become a no 1 company or brand if you do not grow organically on the internet. That’s where Ruffi and Tuffi Technologiescomes in. We’ve been ranked as a number #1 Search Engine Optimization Company (SEO) company in Pakistan.

    Our #1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Pakistan

    Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies are best SEO company in Pakistan and worldwide with over a decade of experience in delivering Award-Winning SEO Services in Pakistan and all over the world and Campaigns to clients from a diverse range of industries. We’ve consistently been voted a top SEO Services provider by industry leaders.

    What are Organic SEO Services, Exactly?

    There are two types of results that come when we are searching on the search engine first on paid results that call PPC and second is organic results which have totally free. What is paid results like PPC? PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a model of internet marketing in which advisers pay each time one of their ads is clicked. It’s a way buying traffic on your sites. Its, not a long term process and very expensive method if wants to stay on Google through this method then you have pay to search engine on each click. And second method is organic results which we have to discuss there.in the organic method, we rank a site according to fallow search engine factors. And reach on top. Organic SEO is less cost-effective according to PPC through the organic method you can stay for a long time on Google SERP and get a lot of free traffic. Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies offering Organic SEO services at very low cost and 100% results guarantee.


    Why Company Need Organic SEO Services?


    Users basically have relevant requirements. Traffic coming with high intentions possesses a higher chance to win clients. The user always open site which has a show on search engine SERP.


    Websites can constantly expand keywords and related traffic.


    Compared with other marketing methods, the cost is very low.


    Once the website ranking is reach on top, the period to stay on the ranking is longer.


    • Comprehensive Strategy
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Website Analysis
    • Page Speed Optimization
    • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Ranking Report
    • Link Building
    • Content Strategy
    • Local SEO
    • Voice Search

    Local SEO Services in Pakistan and Globally

    Do you want more local client / business? You need Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies for Local SEO Services, 97% consumers find local services on the internet. And 85% smart user uses a search engine to find a local business. How do you connect with these users? You need a local SEO company like MHS Digitals. We are your local SEO service providers in Pakistan and globally. We helped a lot of large and small companies to find out his local clients/business and increase ranking in his local area. Contact us or keep scrolling to learn more!

    What is local SEO?

    Local search engine Optimization is a Promotion strategy which aims to Receive Your Company in front of Neighborhood customers...

    Benefits of local SEO:

    There Is a reason why the Requirement for the Best Local Search Engine Optimization services has sky rocketed more and more Companies....

    Optimization of Google my business:

    Google My Business is critical in helping your regional search engine optimization plan succeed. Essentially....

    How Local SEO important for your business

    The time of the phone book is out. Search engine online is in. now people search on the internet what they want. Its means you need a local SEO service to find local clients who have looking local business. Ruffi and Tuffi TechnologiesLocal SEO grow your business in these primary ways.

    • It increases your site ranking and searches.
    • Your website get the highest conversation
    • It helps mobile user easily find your business
    • Through local SEO your business is found on Google maps and through other navigational apps

    What is Local SEO?

    Local search engine optimization is the process of making your business visible on Google map listing. It helps your company increase its local online visibility. And increase traffic on your site

    if you have a local business like a shop or any other business people are visiting your shop frequently. Now people are coming by watching your shop billboard or any other traditional marketing way. If you want people to search for your business on the internet and find out your shop physical address. Then you need a local search engine optimization for your business.

    How a local SEO company helpful for your business?

    If your business matches any of these conditions, then you need local search help

    • You have a local company/Business.
    • You have a company with specific service areas.
    • You are a franchisee or franchise owner.
    • You want more traffic, leads, and sales in your market area.
    • You want to shore up your listings across online directories.
    • You want your company to show up on the map of Google’s local pack
    • Your company has offices or provides services in more than one city, but does not offer products or services nation-wide.

    What does include in our local SEO packages

    At Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies, we include many services to help your business’s local search engine optimization campaign. These include


    Work with Our #1 SEO Company to Boost Your Business to next level

    • If you’re looking for a local SEO company in Pakistan or local SEO experts “local SEO services near me,” you’ve come to the right place. Your customers are searching for your business let Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies help them find you. We help all small medium or a large business, so whether you’re looking for local SEO services for small business, we’re the best digital marketing company in Pakistan for you.

    Technical SEO Services

    One of the main factors for search engine optimization is also technical SEO. if your web site not still rank up after on-page and off-page SEO or your site face these some issues like Site Architecture, Internal Linking, Canonicalization Pagination, HTTP Headers, XML Sitemaps, Broken Links, Meta Data, Site Speed then you need technical SEO services for your site.

    We perform technical website analysis to identify potential on-page issues and propose an action plan to improve your website’s performance. Our teams make effective strategies to solve technical SEO issues but also protect your website from evolving algorithmic updates that may harm your site in the coming future

    Are you looking to improve your website of technical SEO?

    Why technical SEO is so important?

    This is significant since it can prompt the search engines to rank you higher creating a solid technical base for your website will go a long way....

    What is technical SEO?

    Technical SEO is a group of website and host optimizations which produce your website easier for visitors and website traffic to comprehend and utilize....

    Benefits of technical SEO:

    Just 60 percent of internet web traffic reaches on websites via natural search. An effective strategy is constructed by means of a powerful technical search engine optimization...

    From Technical Site Audit to Optimization

    Our technical SEO services are designed to help remove all Penalty and solve all search engine related errors to achieve top search engine rankings, all the while providing your visitors with an experience they’ll enjoy. We can help you significantly improve your web presence through the technical approach.

    Technical Site Audit

    We identifying the technical SEO issues on your website, which may be affecting your rank in all major search engines. This includes a variety of checkpoints, including but not limited to.

    • Robots.txt
    • Crawl analysis
    • Crawl errors
    • Mobile performance
    • Internal linking structure
    • Image optimization
    • Site architecture
    • XML sitemap
    • Page speed
    • Accessibility

    Penalty Recovery and Errors resolve

    Our SEO expert finds out errors and resolve and find out plenty of problems and make the best strategy for resolve with a focus on the technical details of your website. With the right strategy in place, we can help you

    • Recover lost traffic
    • Boost your online reputation
    • Regain lost search engine rankings

    Speed Optimization

    Website slow speed is not only for bad user experience.it badly affected our search engine ranking also. Our technical SEO expert team tests your site speed and determine the solution how your site speed effected. We can make changes to boost your site’s speed, all with the idea of improving rankings, enhancing the user experience, and decreasing your bounce rate.

    Competitor Analysis

    Our technical SEO expert team will analyze and better understand your competition. We’ll provide you with information such as:

    • Search engine rankings
    • Keywords
    • Technical profile
    • Social media use
    • Backlink profile

    At Ruffi and Tuffi Technologies, we provide the best technical SEO services. If you require any assistance with this part of your strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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